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Brand development

Your brand is everything. Whether on- or offline, it's your universe, and with it comes responsibility.


Branding involves a lot more than just your logo. It's your text, fonts, colours, tone of voice, images, usability, the way you interact with your users and how they in turn engage with your brand.

You may have an established brand that needs refining, or perhaps you're looking to develop an entirely new brand. Either way, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that your user perceives your brand as you want it perceived.

We will first ask you to describe your branding project: your intended audience(s), your ambitions and the project's lifespan. We'll then consider the more obvious elements: colours, shapes, media and fonts.

Then it's about the aspects that no words can adequately describe: how your brand will be interpreted by others, how it will look and, perhaps most importantly, how it will feel. And we'll work with you until you have a consistent brand that achieves just what you want it to in every format and medium.

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