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How many times have you read the phrase "content is king"? Does it make sense to you? Us neither.


All elements of a web project vie for the crown. Some users can navigate through an entire website without reading a full sentence. Others will linger over every word to ensure that you haven't left your participles dangling. But your site's content is no more royal than its structure, branding or SEO.

However, there aren't many web projects that will succeed without strong and unique content. It is what attracts your users your site - and it's also integral to how your site will be seen by search engines.

So, while content is no more king than aubergines are queen, we would always advise that your written content is concise, accurate and grammatically correct. And we provide a full range of editorial services to ensure that, whilst it might not be in line to the throne, your content will attract, engage and inform your users.

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