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Social media strategy development

Fond of Facebook? Tweet for a treat? Barmy for blogs? It's time to think about a social media strategy.


It's a rare web project nowadays that doesn't have a related Facebook page or Twitter account. The impact of social media upon audience sizes, marketing potential and search engine optimisation means that most organisations simply cannot ignore the possibilities presented by social networking.

We tend to be a bit more cautious. Whilst the development of a social media strategy can be invaluable, it can also be a costly, time-consuming process that distracts from other more immediate priorities. And a blog that's updated once a year is far worse than no blog at all.

So our social media work will start with a conversation. We'll talk to you about your audience, your web project itself and the possible benefits of a long-term social media strategy. Once you're happy that we're making the right suggestions and we're happy that you actually need a social media campaign, we'll start work. We won't try to sell you a strategy until we're entirely convinced it will benefit you and your web project. #ResponsibleAdvice, as it were.

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